ever walk down the street, see some straight up ignorant shit and think to yourself: what in the fuck is this doing here? niemert asked for this! and still. here it is. people carry on, regardless. niemert loves this!

NIEMERT WÖT DAS is a unit of cultural transmission. and, not least because that sounds fucking awesome, an experiment in applied memetics. NIEMERT WÖT DAS may even be art! it is whatever. whatever you want it to be. whatever / your mother / is watching my butt. so walk away, way, way.

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amidst all this mess, a tiny disclaimer. #niemert does not encourage vandalizm. use responsibly and pretty please, with organic cane sugar on top: respect the o.p.p. other people's property, that is / all. kthxbye.

Mark Fisher (photo credit:

R.I.P. Mark Fisher
(11 July 1968 – 13 January 2017)

"I don’t intrinsically object to change – I just object to the fact that everybody’s change is shit. The thing about capitalism is that it provides things that nobody likes. When people talk about choice and capitalism – Microsoft, that sums up everything. Nobody wants it, everybody has to have it. It is the same with chains. Who is a big fan of them? Almost nobody, but we all have to go in them."

Memorial fund to support Mark Fisher’s family